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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 11, 2013 5:00pm-7:00pm PST

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so long! [cheers & applause]
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developing right now at five. a young teenager hit by a car and seriously hurt. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news. over the scene at solona and grant in concord. the 14-year-old victim is described as alive, but unresponsive. it is reported the boy was in the crosswalk when the accident happened about 2- pm. we'll bring any updates as we get them.
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developing right now at five. a young teenager hit by a this is video from our helicopter partnership with described as alive, but unresponsive. in the crosswalk when the pm. despite an intense eight=day reward, former los angeles police officer chris dorner is still at large prosecutors announcing new charges that could put him on death row. tonight -- the former l.a. police officer accused of declaring war on police. is wanted in the murder of three people and is still on the loose. grant lodes is here now -- with new developments in the case. grant? we just learned chris dorner has been charged with murdering a riverside police officer. he's also charged with attempted murder of another riverside officer and two l- a-p-d officers. dorner could face the death penalty. meanwhile. some big numbers being tossed around tonight. police have received at least 600 tips related to this case. and a one - million dollar reward now being offered by police - believed to be the largest local award ever offered. police are desperate for a break. right now searchers are still focusing their efforts in the big bear lake area,, about 100 miles east of los angeles. despite more than 600 tips, investigators and searchers say they do not have any solid leads. on the night of sunday february third, two bodies are found in a car in irvine. they are michelle quan, assistant women's basketball coach at cal state fullerton and her fiancee, keith lawrence. quan's father had represented dorner at his dismissal. and three days later dorner publishes an online manifesto, naming the elder quan and his family as targets. the statement includes a list of other possible victims. hours later, early thursday morning, dorner's truck is spotted in corona. the driver fires at pursuing officers, grazing one in the head. dorner is then suspected of ambushing two riverside officers, killing one and critically injuring another.
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dorner's truck is discovered burning at the ski resort of big bear lake. an intense search in the snow turns up no sign of the suspect. on sunday, l=a officials release a surveillance video allegedly showing dorner after the quan=lawrence murders, dumping items in a garbage bin, including an ammo magazine and a military belt. they alsoannounce the largest reward ever offered for a local crime. $1 million dollars for information that will lead to mr. dorner's capture christopher dorner graduated from the l=a police academy in 2006, and was dismissed two years later, for falsely accusing a fellow officer of brutality. last week he posted an online manifesto, tying his dismissal to a double murder in orange county. keep it here on kron four as we follow the manhunt for christopher dorner. we'll bring you any developments as soon as we get them. also developing right now. the surge in gasoline prices. the average in california is now pushing past four- dollars. new tonight -- kron 4 shows you the reasons behind it. justine walmdan reports. now for a look at what bay area drivers are paying today -- compared to last month. san francisco is averaging 4-03 -- that's up 35- cents. oakland drivers are paying 3-96 -- that's up 38-cents. and in san jose -- gas is costing 3.98 -- also up- 38 cents. today kron4 talked to drivers -- who say they're fed up. stay with kron-4 as we track the pain at the pump. you can also find the cheapest gas in your area, on our website -- kron4-dot- com. new tonight -- copper thieves are targeting metering lights. and the thefts are causing a headache for south bay drivers. cal-trans crews on the job here along highway- 85 this afternoon in san jose. copper wire thieves are blamed for stealing the wire and disabling metering lights at several locations along highway 85. the metering light here at almaden expressway and highway- 85. has been dark for two weeks. and many drivers are saying, traffic is worse here now, especially at rush hour when those metering lights help to control traffic flow. copper wire is selling for upwards of $4 -dollars a pound. to discourage the thieves, cal-trans is now switching to less- valuable aluminum wire. and burying the junction boxes which tell the thieves where to look. metering lights at highways 237 and 101; at blossom hill road and almaden expressway to highway 85; at highway 87 south to highway 85 south; isabel avenue to i-580; and mission boulevard to i-680
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south developing tonight -- a huge shock today for the one billion catholics around the world. pope benedict is retiring. something a pope hasn't done for nearly 600 years. the 85-year-old cites age.and fatigue. it's not what the cardinals called together today had expected to hear from their pope. benedict the 16th - saying he's just not up to the job anymore and is stepping down feb. 28th. the pope's brother says benedict actually made the decision nearly a year ago. after trips to mexico and cuba. he's nearly 86 and seems increasingly frail. still - a pope retiring is almost unheard of -- this is the last man to do it -- gregory the 12th - in 1415. benedict became pope in 2005.succeeding john paul the second. he may be worn down in part by controversy. almost from the start - he's been criticized for being part of the church hierarchy more worried about its reputation than the sexual abuse of children. as a german bishop in the 80's - he directly helped shield a priest who had abused children. and in 2001 - as a cardinal put in charge of dealing with the growing controversy - he wrote a letter ordering u.s. bishops - under pain of excommunication - to never tell law enforcement about sex abuse cases. telling them to be "restrained by perpetual silence." other have been critical of the pope's conservative views on issues like contraception and gay rights. the retired pope won't be involved in naming a successor.still he appointed more than half the cardinals who will be making that decision. church observers expect the next pope to continue his conservative tradition. it's the college of cardinals which picks a new pope. they're expected to get together quickly to find a new leader for the troubled church. today -- kron4 visited local congregations -- and got their reaction to the pope's sudden resignation. san francisco's roman catholic archbishop, salvatore cordileone. released this statement: quote - "those of us who know him, and who have watched his whole life unfold in service to god, can see that that this decision down. was motivated own di best serves t the the sun out around the bay area. but -- don't let it fool you -- it's chilly out. and it's going to even colder overnight. im here in the weather center with jaqueline bennet. developing right now -- the aftermath of that huge monster storm in the northeast. the clean-up is underway, but the damage is already done. that video -- coming up at
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5-30. but first. relief could soon be ahead for one of the east bay's most jammed freeways. we'll show you where - next. bear moreand -- *not a great start to the morning for one people in one concord neighborhood. dozens of cars vandalized -- i'll show the damage next. i haveha low towestosterone. there, i said it.. howh did i know? well, i didn't really. see, i , figured low testostere would dldecrease my sex drive.. but whenwh i started losing eney and bd ecame moody... thatt's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor. we discdiussed all the symptoms. then hene gavega me some blood tests.
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[ malema announnncer ] in a c alinical study, over 8% of treatreed men had their t levelsve restored to norma. talk tok your doctor about all your symptoms. get tethe blo bod tests. changhae your number. turn it . andranogel 1.62%. >> we're always tracking neighborhood, here's a kron- 4 crime tracker in the east bay. over the weekend, tires were slashed on about 60 vehicles here's the area being targeted. vehicles were hit on bel air drive, glazier drive, and machado drive. these are residential streets near the intersection of treat and clayton. at this point police do not have any suspects. and we sent kron-4's stanley roberts to concord today. he talked to several
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victims who are outraged.about having tires like these.ruined. tonight on kron four news at 8.why some people in concord are ready to take the law into their own hands. >> pam: expansion work underway right now. to improve highway 4. it is the 10th most congested highway in the united states. kron 4's haaziq madyun has more on the expansion. expected to drastically improve trffic. >> reporter: two lanes of dredful bumper to bumper traffic on hwy4 in east contra costa countyjust got one step closer to 4 lanes designed to ease the nightmarish commutenow that caltrans has announced construction of the final phase of the hwy 4 expansion project >> "when the project is done people will save 20minutes a day each way or 40minutes total" >> reporter: the project includes 1.3 miles of 8-lane widening from pittsburg to brentwoodthat is 4 lanes in each directionwith an hov
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lanebrand new on and off ramps, as well as new bridges like this one being built here at loveridge roadall to the benefit of the 130-thousand vehicles that travel through here on hwy4 each daycaltrans estimates the work to be completed in the summer of 2015this all part of a 1.3 billion dollar improvement of the hyw-4 corradore that also includes a bart expansion to antioch in 2017haaziq madyun kro4news >> pam: developing right now. a cal-train crash in san bruno. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news -- showing the accident scene on angus avenue near huntington avenue. a southbound train hit a tractor- trailer at the track crossing there were no reports of injuries.. at last check - cal-train has delays of about 50- minutes - and is single tracking past the accident. >> san mateo police warning homeowners to be on the look
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out for thieves. that follows a string of so- called - "door knock burglaries." kron 4"s will tran tells us what authorities are doing right now. to protect residents. >> reporter: what these these are going is that they are knocking on the door. if they do not answer, they will go to the side. the police department is encouraging youth not to open the door, to answer through the door -- and say that you are going to call the police. even if you are just leaving for just a few moments make sure that you lock all of your doors. they say that these thieves are opportunists. if nobody is inside, they will pounce all over you. and in the meantime, they are looking for a four-door acura. and also, to make sure that you have a large home presents.
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>> that was will tran reporting from san mateo. now let's get an update on >> jacqueline: we are going to see some decent conditions but a cold start. cold and frost. temperatures are going to be comfortable. low 60s for the most part. upper 60s by wednesday highway 101, we will see that fog around santa rosa. some patchy fog developing new the delta and the north bay and even the inland valleys. by 8, it will be lifting. and lingering around santa rosa, by 9. as for temperatures? 30's.
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climbing into the 40's and you will see temperatures into the '50's & 60's. and look at tomorrow. widespread 60s. this warming trend will continue for the week as i mentioned. tomorrow, pretty mild. and let us take a look at neighborhood by neighborhood. 30's. now, for those afternoon highs check it out. palo alto, 60s in san jose. low 60s for the east bay. 56 however, in richmond. 57 degrees. upper
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60s in places like santa rosa, napa. a look at your extended forecast. boy. that extended forecast. even the low 70's in some places. we will stay mild for this time of year. >> this just in to the kron 4 news room this suspect inf a bank in fremont. this is in a new work motel. this bank is in fremont. --and this suspect-inside of this bank. they fled in a bar room pickup truck with an undisclosed amount of money. and led police to this location and newark.. police
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>> catherine: a developing story. the troubled 787 dreamliner was being tested today in seattle. the company says that first test was 'uneventful.' -- which is exactly what they the dreamliner has been grounded worldwide since january 16th after the batteries in two planes overheated of burned. --or could still be weeks before the jets are cleared for take- [ male announcer ] if you're ready to get more from your tv service, now's a great time to get at&t u-verse tv. make the switch. [ female announcer ] call now to get u-verse tv starting as low as $19 a month for one year, when you bundle tv and internet with speeds up to 24 megs.
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> pam: at 5:30 president barack obama is just 24 hours away from delivering his first state of the union address of his second term. and some controversial. and some not so controversial topics will be his focus. kron 4's dan kerman is here to details what the president will talk about. dan ? >> reporter: it used to be that it was not such a big deal however, the economy is going to be focused for his speech and also debt reduction. with spending cuts and increase revenue. look for spending cuts, and job growth and economy. >> i'm going to be talking about making sure that we
5:34 pm
are focused on job creation in the united states of america. (cheers & applause) it means that we're focused on education. that every young person is equipped with the skills that we need for the 21st century. >> reporter: the congressional democrats and also other topics on the state of the union our immigration reform. citizenship reformation and also, afghanistan. reducing the number of troops. 60,000, possibly the most controversial topic is of course:control. >> pam: those visitors, are going to be the victims of the recent tragedy in chicago. and of course gun control will be a topic. >> pam: and a reminder, you can watch the president's state of the union address live. one kron 4's 24-7 bay area
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a developing story. a shooting today at a courthouse in wilmington, delaware. police say a long custody dispute was the apparent motive of a man who killed two women and also died today. one of the women was the gunman's estranged wife. >> two police officers were injured by the gunfire. ".took the bullet." >> catherine: police have not said yet if the gunman was killed by officers -- or killed himself. husband mark kelly are featured in a new ad on gun control. this was the scene when giffords testified on the issue before a congressional committee. the former congresswoman was badly injured in a shooting at a political event in tucson two years ago.
5:36 pm
in the ad being released today - she urges congress to take action on stricter gun control laws. an assault weapons ban seems unlikely - but there's widespread support for universal background checks. developing right now. at least sixty people hurt from mississippi storms. you're looking at the damage left by a tornado yesterday. the state's governor says no lives were lost in part because people were given a 30-minute warning that a twister was on the way. about 200 homes were damaged. in the northeast, communities trying to get back to normal right now. following a massive blizzard friday. the storm now being blamed for at least nine deaths. and record amounts of snow. also about a hundred
5:37 pm
thousand homes and businesses remain without power. tory dunnan has more on the clean up underway. >> reporter: digging out and cleaning up neighborhoods buried in snow. rescuing cars stranded on highways. >> reporter: from pennsylvania to maine, is still wreaking havoc. connecticut saw some of the highest snow totals. people look out their windows and they see 40" of snow and they realize this is not a snow storm, this is a disaster, it's an emergency, this is dangerous. >> reporter: whether trying to dig out a parking spot or digging out barn animals.this clean up >> there's no easy way unless you have a snow plow. so i thought i'd put in a few hours today instead of going to the gym. with snow totals topping three feet in some areas, and snow banks even higher,
5:38 pm
places to put it all. >> it's really frustrating. we're trying to find little nook and crannies to stick the snow in. while many are getting back to work and school on this monday, it's another snow day for kids in boston where crews >> "over the last day, crews have been out on all of the roads really trying to get down to the secondary roads - to make sure that they are that school can resume and people can come and go through their routines." with a mix of rain and snow in the forecast, already heavy snow could get heavier and more dangerous, particularly on roofs and on the roads. >> "once that gets wet and once equivalent of a jersey barrier and people just need to slow down." >> some have had enough of this winter blast. others are taking it stride, enjoying it while it lasts. lot of work to be done. more than 100,000 people in massachusetts woke up without power. and crews say it could take restored. on top of that though there is really significant storm debris in some of the that were hit by this snowstorm. in boston, i'm tory dunnan >> catherine: a new
5:39 pm
interactive online map is allowing people to see the affects of big weather events like storm nemo from the people who are experiencing it on the ground. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows us. >> this interactive map will show you the exact storm damage. people have of loaded pictures related to this storm. and these maps incorporate social media based on geographic tacking based on your social smart phone photo. this information smart phone data analyst is able to provide the public with an interactive map. if you'd like to get a closer look for this interactive map 024 website and look for my section. gabe slate tech report
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>> jacqueline: it certainly was a cold night. 60s through santa rosa and napa. and low 60s for the east bay. another chilly morning again tomorrow. 5:00, widespread 30's. we will see temperatures in the 30's for the north bay. and areas of fog. >> pam: with this breaking news helicopter parts issue with abc seven. police have surrounded this motel. or suspect is hiding. these two
5:41 pm
robbed this bank in fremont at 1:40 p.m. no word on how much money was missing. however, there is heavy equipment brought in from this police department. the new work police department this hotel is on sieger court. at a motel. and--- newark.....
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>> now for today's market
5:45 pm
update. with the major market indexes near record highs, wall street is taking a stocks fell modestly lower. numbers. the down fell just over371. the nasdaq ended the day at 3-thousand-192. and the s&p mostly unchanged -- at 1-thousand- 517. dow 13,971.24 -21.73 nasdaq 3,192.00 -1.87 s&p 1,517.01 -0.92 >> universal has a new movie out " identity thief ". >> yes, the new-york observers referred to melissa mccarthy as something else. but she carried the movie, she is a female john candy it looks like she is a great career.
5:46 pm
$36 million, even though that huge storm. that was a huge victory, for her. >> the cover of sports illustrated. and this model is on the cover for the second year. >> if it is an american model. it is usually a great year and go, usa. on top of that, this is a billion dollar franchise. only about 35 million advertise the rest is all on the calendars. with a lot of excitable, young men and david letterman is one of them. this is on the 12th of february. >> we got it before david letterman. >> this viewer, what exactly e t f the lack chronotron standtransfer electrc
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funds transfer. a lot of financial institutions offer free trade on e t f they are sometimes a better return than a mutual fund with less fees. do a little bit of work but know that if this a winner for you, as the consumer. >> thank you, rob he has a famous facebook fan page. >> jacqueline: if temperatures in the 30's in a number of spots. and also areas of frost in fog. with a few degrees and this warming trend as we go to the week. temperatures will be in the '70s. as we look outside the fog tracker 4 is mainly concentrated to the north bay. fog along the
5:48 pm
dull stuff. and by 6, it will lift. some patchy fog by 9. and sunny skies. temperatures are pretty chilly. 31 degrees. fog along the -- delta. however, it will be a nice afternoon warming palo alto, cupertino, 64 degrees in mountain view. mainly 60s with 65 degrees in castro valley. 56 in richmond, a little bit closer on the coast, cooler. dealey city, 70's and santa rosa. -- daly city this storm tracker pattern that we saw in the month of january it is going to stay dry. this is where we should be with rainfall totals for
5:49 pm
this time of year. but 6 in., in san francisco, we should see 5 in. however, we are well below for this time of year. the only areas in santa rosa, we desperately need the rainfall but we're not going to be getting it. this dry weather will continue for this week, the weekend and actually pretty warm. it is more like springtime. with even low 70's. >> catherine: an owl has a close call after getting hit by an s-u-v on the florida turnpike. the owl got stuck inside an s-u-v thursday night when a woman hit the bird as she was driving. the woman assumed the owl was road kill.but he survived and slipped through the s-u-v grill. afternoon that she noticed the owl caged in her s-u-v. she called florida fish and wildlife and an officer opened the hood and freed
5:50 pm
the bird. >> coming up speed hymps in the next edition of people behaving badly.. humps..
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5:53 pm
(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> pay attention to the gold honda accord notice how the driver is driving on the shoulder and stays on the shoulder lets stop the video here these are speed humps they were installed on kent street in kentfield slow down drivers rol the video >> here is the very same honda a few days later doing exact same thing, except this time this tree trimming driving on the shoulder since there are no sidewalks here pedestrians have to walk on the shoulder to get around a lot of the pedestrians are children
5:54 pm
nats: ambiance some drivers simply drive along and wait till the last second to swerve over and avoid the speed hump and some straddle the hump by driving on the shoulder but one wheel still hitting the humps this driver in the pick up truck actually crosses over the double yellow and parks on the wrong side of the road nats: ambiance now i know what many of you are thinking, man law enforcement would have a field day with this but would believe there is no ticket that can be issued for this because there need s to be sinage that reads no driving on shoulder however driving parking oppisite of the double yellow lines is nats: ambiance so for right now its just rude and unsafe behavior, some residents argue that these humps make it hard for emergency vehicles but to me it looks like its makd it easier for drivers to speed around the spped humps now i'm no expert but this looks like a clear case of county engineers behaving badly that's my story and i'm sticking with it in kentfield stanley roberts kron if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot- com. return to index of stories...
5:55 pm
>> jacqueline: the areas of fog on our cloud coverage. with warmer weather this week. ñáçwçñ
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>> pam: what is expected to be a heated debate is a new gun store. also, a bart extension. exactly when, when kron 4 news, continues. ♪
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happening right now at six.. controversy over a new gun store in los gatos. the store's owner says. he has even received a death threat. kron 4's scott rates is live in los gatos outside city hall. where a second heated town hall meeting. about the new store is set to get underway. scott? >> this owner of this gun shop has received even a death threat! the mayor is saying that he is not doing anything wrong! tonight, this meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. i will be in that meeting and we will bring you that starting at 8:00 p.m. reporting live, scott rates, kron 4. >> the update on our breaking story. we told you on this newscast. this is a live shot a suspect in a
6:02 pm
fremont bank robbery is holed up in a newark motel room this afternoon, a fremont police spokeswoman said. around 1:40 p.m. two men entered the bank of the west at 39533 paseo padre parkway in fremont, police spokeswoman geneva bosques said. both suspects had their faces partially covered with bandanas and simulated weapons underneath their clothing. the pair fled in a maroon pickup truck with an undisclosed amount >> developing right now. the search for the accused cop killer, christopher dorner, in southern califonria. we have a few significant developments recently: dorner was charged this afternoon with murdering a riverside police officer last week. he's also charged with attempted murder of another riverside officer and two l-a-p-d officers. dorner could face the death penalty. meanwhile. some big numbers being tossed around tonight. police have received at
6:03 pm
least 600 tips related to and a one million dollar reward is now being offered - believed to be the largest local award ever offered. police are studying this surveillance video. which appears to show dorner tossing a magazine full of bullets into a dumpster. this video is from last monday in san diego county, the day after dorner allegedy killed two people.which started this apparent revenge fueled killing spree. >> we are on the trail i cannot know if we can say hot on the trail. but let me assure you that we are going to find them. no more bloodshed. >> every police force is in danger of being shot, killed. >> and we've learned t-s-a is warning regional airports and airplene owners. dorner has some flying experience, and stealing a plane is a possibility. right now searchers are
6:04 pm
still focusing their efforts in the big bear lake area,,,but people are on edge all over southern california. despite receiving more than 600 tips, investigators and searchers say they do not have any solid leads. >> pam: a young teenager is seriously hurt. after being hit by a car in concord. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news. over the scene at solona and grant streets. it happened around two this afternoon. the 14-year-old was reportedly in the crosswalk when he was hit. >> copper thieves, growing ever more brazen, and now being blamed for snarling traffic around the bay area. kron four's rob fladeboe reports on how the thieves are now targeting metering lights. >> reporter: the metering light from southbound almaden expressway to northbound highway 85 in south san jose has been dark for two weeks. it's one of
6:05 pm
some 59 such metering lights vandalized across the bay area in the past year. that's $2 million dollars in damage. caltrans crews like this one can't keep up with the thieves who are simply driving around, usually at night, scouting around for these half-buried junction boxes near the metering lights. they then pull the wire from the conduit and sell it to scrap dealers for as much as $4 dollars a pound. in some cases, the light is damaged and must be replaced to the tune of $35-thousand dollars per light to say nothing of the negative impact on traffic without those lights. but caltrans is fighting back. by cracking down on those who buy the stolen copper, by asking sellers where it came from. and by doing replacing the copper wire in those metering lights with less vauable aluminum wire and by burying those junction boxes and conduits to make them harder for the thieves to find. caltrans is also calling on drivers to report anything suspicious. in san jose
6:06 pm
they could face felony charges and even a $10,000 fine. >> rob fladeboe kron 4 news >> pam: bay area residents experiencing pain at the pump. as gas prices continue to soar. a gallon of gas is now averaging. more than four- dollars. kron 4's justine waldman spoke with experts. who explain.when these high prices are expected to even out. >> reporter: refinery shutdown at the switch to the summer blend. is this reason for this increase. this price of a gallon is $4.50 per gallon i spoke with the manager and this time last week it was only $3.89 for now, $4.50 per gallon -- so, $4-.05 and analysts say that yes,
6:07 pm
prices are expected to rise for the rest of this month and a stabilized in the month of march. once the switch to that some more blunt. if there are no more refineries, that summer- blend switchover is complete. typically, is right before memorial day so another price jump could be right arm around the corner. justin waldman, kron 4 news. >> pam: cal-train experienced system- wide delays today. after a train struck a tractor- trailer at a track crossing in san bruno this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news showing the accident on angus avenue near huntington avenue. emergency crews are working to clear the tracks. minutes behind schedule and are running on a single-track. with 30 minutes behind schedule. the highway-4 expansion
6:08 pm
project is now in its final phase. it will also include a long- awaited bart extension for east contra costa county bart riders it's called e-bart. and is also under construction. >> we are extending it with hillcrest. this will use all trawl low emission fuel and environmentally friendly. you're able to the board on the hillcrest in the city of antioch. and transfer to a bart train near the pittsburgh/bay point station. the contra costa county has been waiting to bring them are real service and we're very excited to be able to do it to bring them- rail service. >> pam: the work on the antioch extension began back in 2010. bart plans to launch the new service in 2017 >> catherine: mt. tam cam showing some clearer skies. temperatures this
6:09 pm
evening are cooling off in daly city. 40's, 54 degrees in san francisco and also going down to fairfield. 50s through novado. even 60s in some areas. a chilly night tonight and a pretty nice, mild afternoon. the weather headlines look cold temperatures again. with various of fog and frost in the north bay. areas of fog various areas. that warming trend with even getting to the low 70's. portions of the bay area. taking a look at temperatures. with your neighborhood, coming up. >> pam: president obama will deliver his state of the union address tomorrow night. some hot button issues he is expected to discuss. >> millions of residents on the east coast are cleaning up after a massive winter storm. >> and next: pope benedict the 16th surprises the world
6:10 pm
by announcing plans to step down later this month. well, well, well.
6:11 pm
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>> catherine: world's one billion the pope is actually that hasn't happened in nearly 600 years. he is retiring. there's already all kinds of debate on the impact of pope benedict's surprising decision. catholics around the world are reacting to the wouldn't
6:14 pm
>> noble and selfless act that >> "i think it's coming from his heart. if he has to do it, it's god's will and he >> catherine: pope benedict xvi is nearly 86 and says his mind and body are no longer up to the job. >> "after having repeatedly examined my conscience the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the petrine ministry." >> catherine: benedict took over as pope in 2005, as the church was facing declining popularity in parts of the world and a worsening scandal over the sexual abuse of children by priests. some have criticized him for his handling of that problem. >> "we hope that pope benedict will use these last two weeks of his term to really make some decisive action that would protect kids today." >> catherine: benedict's successor will be chosen by the college of cardinals some time after he steps down on february 28th. >> "the church traces her continuity all the way back through the apostolic
6:15 pm
succession to peter. so we will be looking for someone who is a very articulate voice in that continuity." >> catherine: the retired pope will not be involved, but he did appoint more than half of the cardinals making the selection, so church observers expect his successor to continue his conservative tradition. benedict will likely retire to a life of reflection and prayer in a monastery. it sounds like the vatican will move very quickly to pick a new pope. it could happen by easter. it's so rare for one to step down- the vatican isn't even sure what to call benedict maybe "bishop emeritus of rome." >> at this time tomorrow. president obama will deliver his first state of the union kron4's dan kerman has a preview of some controversial topics he's expected to discuss. >> reporter: the president is expected to discuss the need to release the debt ceiling and gun-control is another key reason. since we expect him to continue his requirement for background checks. victims themselves have been in fight did and
6:16 pm
in the house gallery. in fact, the family of the chicago teenager will sit with the first lady. and if the economy could not teach your interest? they're also expected to speak about immigration reform. a pathway of citizenship for all leavened illegal 11--11 illegal immigrants 11 million -- illegal immigrants. and to pare down the amount of troops in afghanistan. dan kerman, kron 4. >> and a reminder, you can watch the president's state of the union address live.on kron 4's 24-7 bay area news channel -- comcast 193. >> pam: people across the northeast are trying to get back to normal. after a massive blizzard bombarded the area friday. clean-up efforts are now underway as residents dig
6:17 pm
and clean up neighborhoods that got buried in snow. with snow totals topping three feet in some areas. and snow banks even higher-- people are running out of places to put it all. >> this is a dangerous disaster. the storm is being blamed for at least 9 deaths and brought record amounts of snow to some places. more than 100-thousand people in massachusetts woke up without power. crews say it could take several days to get power restored. >> jacqueline: with warm conditions temperatures in the 30's would be a welcome sight. temperatures near freezing for the in the valleys. the areas of frost. this warming trend with upper 50s in the afternoon. and temperatures talking
6:18 pm
about that fog. the areas of fog and frost in the north it will stick around, with some patchy fog expected. however, sunny skies. temperatures are expected to be cold. 30's in santa rosa. 30's in fairfield, livermore, pleasanton, and also for the bayshore. and we will see san francisco, with 40's. to start. mild, oliver, upper 60s and palo alto. upper-66--inland. upper 60s and rich rainfall
6:19 pm
totals, with this is exactly where we should be however, this dry and mild conditions expected for the next seven days. >> stars from mumford and sons and taylor swift and justin bieber and the music
6:20 pm
industry celebrated its night with powerful performances. ♪ justin timberlake return after four years with his new single " suite and tie'.. and we are young.. >> frank ocean, the lumineers were great. i did not think we were going to have victory. and also, the black keys new award and record of the year ' pres ented by prince and mumford
6:21 pm
and sons took album of the year and elton john paeid tribute to sandy hook.. stranded in the gulf of mexico with no running water, no working toilets and no power. passengers and crew aboard the carnival cruise ship triumph are enduring a rather unpleasant trip. that's next. for over 60,000 california foster children,
6:22 pm
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6:25 pm
occurred. but half the ship's toilets and some elevators aren't working. carnival says there's limited hot food and coffee for passengers. a coast guard cutter and two tug boats met the ship today. the tugboat will tow the vessel to progreso, mexico---the closest port to the ship. we will be back. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
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>> pam: nasa's shuttle program is gone, but satellites are still blasting off into space. the latest one took off this afternoon from vandenberg air force base in california. it's expected to provide nasa and the u-s geological survey with pictures of the earth's surface for the next 40 years. the images collected can be used to assist in urban planning, disaster recovery and help monitor water and you're on timeout leo! back. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> reporter: the average price is $3.99. that is up nearly 37¢. some of the reasons i found out our refinery shutdown and the switch over to the summer blend. the prices could continue to climb for the month of february and stabilize for the month of march. >> in san jose, copper wire thieves are becoming more brazen. with nearly $4 per pound. this is contributing to a year regular traffic patterns. they are trying to bury those junctions and with less valuable aluminum switchover. and they are
6:33 pm
also asking any citizen to report anything suspicious. rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> reporter: the final phase of the highway for expansion project. this $1.3 billion project was for more lanes on highway no. 4, bridges, and with ramps improvement and hillcrest station in antioch. highway no. 4 will be completed in 2015. in antioch, a haazig madyun kron 4. >> reporter: in fairfield, we are learning new information about anthony jones. he is the suspect of ganelle allen and a restraining order was taken out by his estranged wife. that is all coming up on
6:34 pm
kron 4 news at 8:00 p.m. in fairfield, terisa estacio, kron 4. >> the president will give the second state of the union address. his focus will be on the economy, job creation and also were expected to touch on the gun control, immigration and the afghanistan war. dan kerman, kron 4. >> reporter: bart is considering to expand the embarcadero and montgomery stations. they see the bulk of travelers going in and out of san francisco. some of these include new tunnels, staircases and the writers could enter the trades from both sides. charles clifford, kron 4. >> catherine: and retrains- from both sides. -- and to enter those trains from both
6:35 pm
sides. and also, this interactive storm a map of the noreaster the natural disaster. gabe slate tech report these real time showing you the impact of storms impacted by social media. this is like a disaster area based on the user's information that they put you can see the related tweets and evenfall from flickr and hd videos and geo tagging if you turn off
6:36 pm
geo tagging it will show where you are posting from your uploaded phone file..if you would like to explore go to gabe slate tech report temperatures for near 70 degrees. and for both of those locations, 60s for the rest of the bay area. 60s in san jose. and a bit warmer for this weekend. however, some chilly weekends with areas of cold temperatures. fog, frost, a bit warmer tomorrow. temperatures reaching the
6:37 pm
low 70's. let us take a look at the fog tracker. frost mainly for the north bay. and some patchy fog through fairfield and portions of the inland valley. through 8:00 p.m., that will start to left by-8:00 a.m. and by 10:00 a.m., mostly sunny skies, lifting-by 8:00 a.m. and low 40's. napa, freezing in fairfield. 30's for the bay shore. for the afternoon, low and mid-60s for the most part. palo alto, cupertino, 64 in san jose. low 60s for the east bay. 60s for union city. 62 in san francisco and that rain will see 60s for san
6:38 pm
rafeal. with portions of santa rosa however, it will continue to state--dry. that high-pressure is pushing that rain system to the north. the stay pattern of dry patterns. morning lows will also be in the 40's by friday. we will cool it down a little bit in the afternoon. nice and mild for this time of year. >> catherine: take a look get this whole owl got stuck insid ethis suv.... the imagine how she was when on friday, shee realized that it was a lot! it was rescued by the fish & warlike. it was a
6:39 pm
live fish and state wildlife rescued aand it is alive....
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>> pam: maker's mark whiskey drinkers may have noticed something different about their drink of choice. specifically, that it's a little bit weaker. zain asher explains why higher demand for the whisky. has brought about the change. >> reporter: maker's mark drinkers may find their whiskey a little less boozy. that's because the bourbon producer is actually reducing its whiskey's alcohol volume by three- percentage points. it's doing that to keep up with global demand. the c-o-o says watering down the liquor was the only immediate solution. but this is really nothing new - water is usually added after bourbon matures to lower its alcohol content. before the change, maker's mark had 45% alcohol volume. after the reduction, it dropped to 42%. while consumers are worried their drink of choice won't taste the same, maker's mark insists it's impossible to tell any difference.
6:43 pm
the company's been struggling with a limited supply - thanks to increased demand for bourbon, around the world. the sweet taste has proved appealing to customers particularly in emerging markets like india - which has been driving growth in the liquor business. maker's mark says the change will ensure there's enough bourbon to go around. in the meantime, the company plans to expand its distilleries and increase production to make sure its customers do not go thirsty. i'm zain asher in new york. >> coming up in the sharks, they tried to defend, against a blue jackets and also the warriors having new uniforms.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
in sports. the sharks try to regain their early season form against in columbus against the blue jackets. . and the warriors unveil new high-tech uniforms like no other seen in the n-b-a. gary's next with all the sports
6:47 pm
>> one-nothing, columbus. on this power play. jackman, and the commentary? jacqueline, anny kcommentary? >> looking pretty bad, with a losing streak. still it is an abbreviated team. deep into the playoffs and they have just won over san jose. 6-2. everybody wants to make a few more and this is the warriors. the warriors unveiled the first modern short-sleeved nba uniforms today harrison barnes did the modeling you do not want to have a sleeve if you are shooting the ball. but what does jared jack say?
6:48 pm
>> this is a little bit different identity wise, what separates us is that we did not have a sleeve. all of us will put on a football a jersey, baseball and jersey but did not pay attention with the exception of a basketball jersey. andmade by adidas. they feature a form-fitting compression top with sleeves they are supposedly 26 percent lighter than their current jerseys the shorts feature blue pinstripes the team will wear them for the first time on friday, that is what i say. is that they will try to increase its sales for more basketball jerseys. and the warriors. nobody wants to be... >> pam: as you are a former
6:49 pm
boss to ballplayer you would know. >> gary: i was trapped in a corner, when i was playing and i pivoted out of that corner. and i made a winning shot. >> pam: and you made that for the team! [laughter] chicago bulls. also, this was span fest. sandoval and lincecum. >> i do not think that anybody says the we're going to expect to win the world series. fan fest.... >> and we started the season and all of that has been built up. >> every year transitions
6:50 pm
into the next year. to coach with a fresh sleet. >> gary: that is the first story is that his new hair cut. you know, that the yankees do not allow facial hair or beards or >> he looks a little bit like harry potter. allow him or clark kent. but many reporters-why did you cut your hair? and they say that he planted that he wanted a change. and there are no prescription for these eyeglasses. and that is the new look that he wanted and then he said why are you doing that? and he said because he felt like that. i was doing my redia
6:51 pm
dancing-the night before, what and i was barely able to walk the day after. a bunch of middle age white guys but you can say that i was the best guy out there. >> pam: i would like to see the video tape. >> gary: it is a box set. middle-aged white men and getting down law and have her www.kron4. if you want to see some guys. >> we would like to see some pre y review any way, some new pitcher for the 80s
6:52 pm
a's... he pitched a little bit for the yankees, the red sox. and if they very sweet way, and that means that he will have a lot of people bidding on him. and in the get ready for him. the running back for football, this was kind of strange. he was a really good football player once upon a time but he went to try professional baseball. now he is going to come back and play football. he was great at baseball but none of this is a time for him to give it a shot. he played one season as for the
6:53 pm
pittsburgh pirates, and once upon a time, this head coach for the 49ers. and he was a great head coach. and he loves the game so now he is going to be an assistant coach for the state of utah. now, you remember the 49 years, and he has also coached the head coach for the miami, with national championships. and this guy has been in a lot of great states. and a seattle. he loves the game so much. that is what i like to do it is kid pam. and if they ask you for something perhaps to transfer to fresno? [laughter] >> and for the glamour of san francisco. and he has been a head coach in big places it is not about money. >> jacqueline: maybe he is ready for a change he does not want to of all of that pressure.
6:54 pm
>> gary: and perhaps this gentleman is 68 years old. but in a roundabout way of saying is that he loves what he is dealing. and i do not know if i would love anything and not if he is love what he is--doing with the bar right here, we're not going to lower the bar. we are going to come back and michael vic is going to get another chance. and who, what, where with michael vic and san francisco sports comes back.
6:55 pm
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>> gary: and a $10 million, with micheal vic >> catherine: what is the favor of the spring training? and lincecum. but the class is with a prescription lenses? >> because he felt like it with the glasses of lincecum. and these new uniforms? >> they're just try to rip off the fans. and also, russell wants to come back. >> gary: anybody who blew threw out $30 million in two years i did not know if i would want him on my team!
6:59 pm


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